Current offerings include:

Ask A Yoga Teacher Skype Sessions – You get to ask me questions about anything yoga and yoga lifestyle! Some common questions I get include: What should I be doing in [pose name]?; How much yoga should I be doing?; When my teacher say [yoga phrase], what do they mean?; What is meditation or mindfulness anyways? Are they the same thing?! You can ask me any of these questions, or others that have been on your mind.


Pose Assessment (via email, or skype) – I take a look at how you move in a pose, or a still image of a pose, and then I give you tips and advice on how you can move in and out of the pose in a safe way. As a bonus I also suggest ways that you can fine tune your body to prep for the pose. Tips will include ways to both stretch and strengthen your body, and will be personalized based on what I see happening.


Private or one-on-one sessions (via skype, or in Kingston, Ontario) – These sessions have tons of customization! I work with small groups, couples, or one person during these sessions.


Yoga for Pain session (via skype, or in Kingston, Ontario) – These sessions are for those dealing with injury, illness, or those with chronic pain. You may have heard from a doctor, a family member or friend that yoga is good for you right now. Or maybe you have tried yoga before and need some advice on how to continue your practice during this time in your life. Some people book these sessions to work on specific health concerns, or simply because they don’t know what to do next. This can be a very stressful time, and it can be hard to slow down, but trust me, you are worth it! I like to leave time in these sessions for questions as well, because I want to give you the answers you need so you can work on your own time to improve your health.


If you are interested in any of these sessions, and think we would be a great fit, I would love to hear from you!

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